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Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular. Your phone, watch, fitness tracker, jewelry, glasses, and even clothing can have tracking devices built into them. While many view this as being incredibly beneficial, allowing for increased awareness of physical fitness, others are starting to see the unintended consequences.

One situation that you might not have anticipated when purchasing your smart device is that it could be used against you in a personal injury case.

No one knows you better than your wearable tech

While you may use your wearable technology for one or two specific things, and storing much more data, including:

  • A history of your exact locations
  • Time spent at each location
  • Travel time between locations
  • Browsing history
  • Text messages sent and received
  • Activity levels

Tech is the best witness

Your wearable tech is the ideal witness in a personal injury case. It’s better than a snoopy neighbor and is virtually guaranteed to tell the truth. If someone has an active personal injury claim where they report certain physical or mental limitations caused by the injury, their smart device can corroborate or contradict the claim.

In addition to personal injury cases, smart devices can also determine if someone was present at the scene of a crime.

Technology is changing our world faster than laws can keep up, and that introduces a variety of troublesome gray areas. Questions of privacy issues are abundant and often, the decision to release data comes down to a thorough legal analysis of the products privacy policy or the attorney’s ability to suppress the data.