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Plenty of Arizonians go to the bars in the winter to relieve the stress from those post-holiday blues and put up with working during what many consider to be the worst months of the year. When spring finally arrives and warmer temperatures and sunlight follows, many residents take advantage.

St. Patrick’s Day

When it comes to DUI precautions in the spring, most people immediately think about St. Paddy’s Day. Plenty of people use the most famous Irish holiday as an excuse to throw a wild party or get wasted at their local bar, so police go on high alert. Some people might be busy on the actual holiday and will try to make up for it on another night. It is the fourth most popular drinking day of the year.

High divorce rates

While many attorneys consider January and February to be the peak months of the year when it comes to filing for divorce, some studies show that March might be even worse. According to The Washington Post, March has the highest divorce rate of the year. This could be due to some ex-spouses wanting a fresh start in the spring or realizing they deserve better on Valentine’s Day.

The process can be very stressful and will lead many divorcees to drown their sorrows in alcohol. So if you see an uptick in bar attendees no longer wearing a ring on their finger in the spring, you’ll know one of the reasons why.

Spring fever

Arizona may not get as cold or snowy as most of the nation during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get excited when spring arrives. The longer days and hotter temperatures mean that more people will want to leave the house.

This also means that people will find more excuses to head to the bar since there aren’t as much winter road hazards. Not to mention that plenty of local and out-of-state colleges celebrate their spring breaks, so you may see more inexperienced and even underaged drinkers around you.

Cops have plenty of reasons to be suspicious around popular bars in Arizona during the spring time. Unfortunately, some place their suspicions on the wrong drivers in the area. If you were wrongly accused of DUI by an officer, consider what legal options you have at your disposal to receive the best defense in court.