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Does it bother you when you hear other fathers say that they’re babysitting their kid rather than parenting? If statements like these do irritate you, you’re not alone. New research from Pew Research shows that American dads are more invested in the lives of their child than ever.

This shift in cultural thinking sheds decades of belief that the mother is the primary caregiver while the father works to provide for the children.

Here are a few facts about American fathers:

  • Fathers are spending more time caring for their children. Pew’s data showed that dads now spend three times the amount of time they spent caring for their children in the mid-1960s. Similarly, dads are spending 2.5 times more hours contributing to household chores.
  • Dads also struggle balancing work and life. Roughly 52 percent of dads surveyed revealed that they feel balancing childcare and work responsibilities. Fathers also reported that they don’t feel like they do enough when they do have their children.
  • Most fathers feel fatherhood defines them. Nearly 55 percent of dads responded that fatherhood is a part of their identity.

Parenting agreements help fathers

Chances are that you are reading this if you are also a proud father. As a single dad, parenting can be challenging, and the time spent with your child or children may never feel like enough. Arizona law offers agreements like custody and support agreements that allow you to contribute to your child’s life even when you’re not with them.

A good parenting plan is one that allows you to spend a fair amount of time between you and your co-parent. You may even negotiate time for special holidays and occasions like Father’s Day and birthdays.

The way that dads embraced fatherhood has evolved over the last 50 years. How your father viewed being a parent may differ from how you do and that’s okay. Make sure that your parenting agreement allows you to do the things you want as a father.