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Arizona has literally millions of law-abiding citizens. However, the citizens who are not law-abiding engage in all sorts of reckless conduct on the roads of Arizona that can endanger the people around them. At worst, their behavior can result in personal injuries, as happened in a recent multi-vehicle crash.

The story began when a man, 21, and woman, 23, shoplifted goods from a Wal-Mart. Shortly after that, they blatantly carjacked a pickup truck from a person who was outside the Wal-Mart. At that point, they established that they were willing to break the law in multiple ways. After that, their actions became even more problematic.

The pair crashed the stolen pickup truck into four other vehicles. That resulted in severe injuries to the driver of one of the SUVs that was hit. The SUV driver had to be taken to a local hospital to get care for life-threatening injuries. No updates on his condition have been released since he was taken to the hospital.

The pair responsible for the accident were booked into the county jail and charged with aggravated assault, hit-and-run, endangerment and various misdemeanor charges. Police continue to investigate the accident.

Of course, everyone who is injured in Arizona accidents like this, especially when one driver is clearly at fault, has the right to pursue compensation for damage done to their vehicles. It is always a good idea for anyone who has been in an accident to have their vehicle professionally examined and repaired. Victims of accidents also have a right to pursue compensation for pain and suffering, and should make sure to get the best medical care that they can.