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Many things can impact your blood alcohol content

Most everyone knows that it's illegal for adults to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher. If you're trying to guess at what point you need to stop drinking if you're going to be driving home -- or anywhere else -- you're taking a big risk.

3 things you never do when you're pulled over after drinking

Maybe you stopped off for a quick brew at your favorite bar or you went out to dinner with friends and had a glass of wine. Whatever the situation, the moment that the police pull you over, you know that you're in trouble. The officer is bound to smell the alcohol on your breath and you know you're about to be accused of drunk driving.

Arrest of University of Arizona students prompts more protests

The issue of immigration is one of the most divisive in the country. Here in Arizona, it hits close to home. Emotions run high on both sides, and anger is often directed at the people whose job it is to patrol the border and enforce the laws.

Tips for keeping your teen safe on prom night

If you've got a teen who's going to prom this year, you're no doubt concerned about them being on the road on a night when some high schoolers will, unfortunately, be driving under the influence -- even though they're not old enough to even legally drink. Since proms are typically on Saturday night, when most fatal accidents occur anyway, the dangers are even greater.

Eyewitness testimony has limits, especially across racial lines

One of the oldest principles in criminal justice is the power of eyewitness testimony. Before forensic evidence came into its own, it was one of the only ways for victims and bystanders to identify an alleged criminal. And to this day, juries are still heavily swayed when prosecutors present witnesses claiming that the defendant was the person they saw committing the crime.

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