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If you are on Medicare, Medicaid, AHCCCS or insured by and ERISA plan, you have an obligation to repay
those programs from any settlement or judgment you receive in a motor vehicle collision or other tort

What that means if you are going to settle with an insurance carrier, they will require you to sign a
release. In the release will be an indemnity agreement. What it says is you will be responsible for
paying back to whatever plan you are on the amount the plan paid for your medical care. This only
applies when someone else caused the collision and it was not your fault.

IF you cause the collision, and were injured, there is no claim against you to repay any of the plans.
But if you did not cause the collision and you receive money, you are responsible to pay the plan you are
under. If you do not, you could be sued or have your benefits cancelled.

So when an insurance company contacts you and offers you a quick settlement, be aware it may not be
what it seems. Contact an attorney before signing any settlement agreement.