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Divorce is often a sad thing, as the husband and wife who once pledged to love and honor each other forever find themselves acrimoniously parting. Yet, despite whatever hard feelings they may have about each other, they need to do everything they can to make the divorce as constructive as possible for their children. Family law provides many opportunities for divorced parents to be mature enough to work together and put their children’s best interests first.

One way to do that is by minimizing conflict with your ex. First and foremost, avoid conflict in front of the children. Arguing in front of them makes the children feel like they have to take sides with one parent and against the other when they love both. Arguing in front of the children can also make the children feel like life is unstable, and that is the exact opposite of how parents should make their children feel.

Additionally, divorcing parents should understand that transitions are always a source of stress for children. That stress can be minimized by letting them know in advance about when they’ll be with each parent and what their schedule will be like. Making sure that they have familiar comfort items at the homes of each parent will also help, as will giving them fun things to look forward to with each parent.

Finally, maintain your own capacity to make things good for your children by taking care of your own health and well-being. By staying healthy and organized, you will be in good shape to address the challenges that your children deal with due to the divorce. Remember to talk with them often, find out their concerns, and help them to feel good about life with each parent after the divorce.