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Individuals don’t have to work in the industrial sector to come into contact with hazardous chemicals. From exposure to motor vehicle exhausts to manufacturing or household waste; these are just some of the many different methods by which individuals may become exposed to toxic chemicals and other substances throughout their regular day.

Toxic chemicals are often initiated at sources such as factories, incinerators and landfills. They’re easily transported from one location to the next via the water, soil or air. Animals and plants that we interact with or consume can expose us to toxic chemicals as well.

There are three primary ways in which individuals become exposed to toxic substances such as chemicals. They often ingest or inhale them. A person’s skin might also come in contact with these hazardous substances.

Individuals who are exposed to toxic substances often don’t experience an immediate health decline. A person may instead experience a delayed response to their exposure depending on several factors including how much of and how long that they were exposed to the substance. It matters what chemical that a person came into contact with and how frequently as well.

The impact that toxic chemical exposure has on an individual’s health can vary. It can cause significant problems for a developing fetus, child or teen. The human body is made to tolerate limited exposure to certain chemicals. It’s supposed to get rid of most toxic substances as part of its waste elimination process. Those that stay behind can leave a lasting impact on an individual’s health though.

If your health has declined due to what you believe to be is prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals and other substances, then you should consult with a personal injury attorney in Tucson. They can review your case and let you know whether you have a valid claim for compensation against the party that harmed you or your child here in Arizona.