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If parents disagree about child custody and other vital issues surrounding a separation or divorce, children notice one thing right away. They are rarely in control of much of their lives, but now it may seem like they are being swept along by decisions beyond their understanding.

Parents sometimes find themselves in the unenviable position of fighting for their rights to see or guide their children. This can be especially important if a child may be in danger because of their home life or an adult in their lives who cannot tend to him or her.

The 23-year-old father of a deceased Lake Havasu City toddler is suing Arizona’s Child Protective Services department, claiming the state violated his rights by removing his child from life support. The case stems from possible abuse in the girl’s home, for which the father and mother are both facing separate charges.

The father is arguing that although he was already a suspect in the abuse case, his parental rights were not severed by the due process of a court of law. The employee of the state department apparently made the decision to remove life support and cremate the child’s body without consulting the parents.

Parents who wish to protect their children, as well as their interests in their family,, may consult an attorney about the details of their privileges. Legal representation can be a very valuable ally in the complicated field of child support, child custody and other areas of family law. No parent should have to deal with these troublesome subjects with the appropriate help.