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Arizona roads can be very busy in the summer, with many people going to and from recreational destinations in addition to all of the commuters traveling from their workplaces to their homes. That sheer volume of cars can result in disastrous collisions. Those collisions, in turn can result in damage to the vehicles and, even more importantly, in personal injuries to the drivers and passengers of the vehicles.

One such collision occurred on I-10 on a recent Wednesday evening when a car smashed into a commercial vehicle. Just before that happened, troopers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety got an alert about the car. It had been driven in an erratic manner just south of I-10 on northbound SR-387 close to Ghost Ranch Road.

A few minutes after that, the car was reported to authorities again for driving eastbound on I-10 in westbound lanes. Authorities rushed to the scene to intercept the driver, but they were too late. The car hit the commercial vehicle head-on. At the time, both were in the westbound lane of I-10 heading in opposite directions. Matters were made worse when another vehicle hit the commercial vehicle from behind.

According to a trooper, the driver of the car that caused the accident was a woman. She showed signs of impairment and will face charges of aggravated DUI, aggravated assault, wrong-way driving and endangerment.

She also suffered some injuries and was taken a hospital for treatment. The commercial vehicle’s driver was also injured, as was the driver of the vehicle that hit the commercial vehicle from behind in the original collision. Both of them were also taken to a hospital and treated. In cases like these, victims who suffer injuries often secure legal representation to explore seeking compensation for their suffering.