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 Our firm’s biggest priority is the health and safety of our clients, staff, and families.  Because of the health concerns posed by the Covid-19 virus, we want everyone to feel as comfortable and safe as possible when visiting our office and interacting with our attorneys and staff.  In furtherance of these goals, our firm has adopted the following policies and procedures:

Office Visits.  We appreciate all clients and other guests adhering to the following guidelines when visiting our office: 

  • If you are sick and/or running a fever, DO NOT come to the office. This applies to clients, guests and all staff!

Consistent with county and city guidelines

  • Guests to our office must wear a mask at all times. If a guest does not have a mask, we will make a new mask available. We reserve the right to reschedule the appointment as a telephone or video conference if the guest is unable or unwilling to wear a mask for any reason. The day before any scheduled appointment, a member of our staff will contact the guest via email or telephone to remind them to wear a mask while in our office.
  • Whenever possible, please maintain AT LEAST a six foot distance from all other persons when in the office.
  • Conferences will occur in the firm’s conference room whenever possible with the participants sitting on opposite ends of the conference table or spaced apart as much as possible. In-office conferences will be staggered to minimize the number of guests in the office at any one time.

General Office Hygiene.  Maintaining a safe and hygienic office environment will require a disciplined and sustained effort by our staff.  Therefore, the following additional policies and procedures have been implemented:

  • The conference room surfaces will be wiped down at the conclusion of each conference and immediately before the next conference. A written record will be placed on top of the West cabinet in the conference room on which each wipe down will be recorded by date, time and initials of person doing the wipe down.
  • All staff will wear masks in the office except when in their own private offices when no one else is present.
  • The receptionist will wipe down the reception surface after each guest leaves to minimize risk of transmission through surface contact.
  • Door knobs, handles and other frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down at least every two hours or more frequently. The telephone in reception area and at the receptionist desk will be wiped down before each different person sits at the receptionist desk.  There will be a plexiglass shield at the receptionist desk to minimize passing of virus to/from/among the receptionist and guest.
  • Whenever possible, attorneys and staff will e-mail (by encrypted e-mail) correspondence and draft copies of all documents. If e-mail is not possible, regular mail will be used for correspondence and draft documents.
  • The fax machine and postage meter will be wiped down before each use. If the receptionist is the only person using this equipment, it will not be necessary to wipe down before each use by the receptionist.   However, whenever someone other than receptionist uses this equipment, the equipment used shall be wiped down before the use and next use by the receptionist.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation adhering to these policies and procedures at all times.

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