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Many parts of life have clearly related causes and effects. Divorce is no exception to this rule, but it is more complex than that. For children, teaching causes and effects is simple. Throwing a toy causes it to break, making the child sad that they can no longer play with it.

Divorce is much more complicated. There are a many causes and many effects, but sometimes they are harder to identify. But seeing the common causes of a divorce and realizing their effects beforehand can help people cope and mitigate the negative results.

Common causes of divorce

The causes of divorce can be hard to define. Many people cannot cite a specific incident or catalyst for their divorce. However, there are a few life factors that can lead to a higher risk of a divorce in a couple.

A few factors that increase the risk of divorce in couples include:

  • Getting married at a young age
  • Low income
  • Having kids at a young age or before marriage
  • Divorce trends in the family (i.e. having divorced parents)
  • Infidelity
  • Addiction
  • Abuse

While these circumstances may not directly cause divorce, they are some of the more common factors associated with couples who have gotten divorced.

Resulting effects

Besides noticing the causes of a divorce, many people may be concerned with how a divorce will affect them after the fact. There is no rule-of-thumb that guides people after a divorce. Everyone reacts to their situation differently. However, similar to the causes of divorce, there are a few more common reactions, or effects of a divorce.

These include:

  • Unhappiness or loneliness
  • Intimacy issues in the future
  • Decreasing or lost social connections
  • Decreasing contact or relationship with children
  • Dependence on an ex-spouse
  • Financial problems
  • Health problems

These are just a few possible effects a person could face after a divorce. But not everyone will experience these. Some people may experience emotions and consequences not included here.

Getting divorced is a huge life change that comes with a variety of potential cause and effects. Becoming aware of how other people experience this change can help you feel less alone during the process.