Business Disputes Can Have A Major Impact On Your Bottom Line

An experienced attorney may be the simplest way to handle a dispute.

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Business disputes are common in partnerships, large companies and small businesses. Whether the dispute is over money, contracts, a construction project or unpaid bills, business disputes can have a major impact on your bottom line.

In most cases, the simplest way to handle a dispute is to contact an experienced business attorney. He or she can often help you resolve the dispute quickly, without having to go to court. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, your attorney will be prepared to take your case to court and get you results.

Common Business Disputes

Businesses must balance dealing with multiple parties all at the same time, including dealing with the government, city and county regulators, and state and federal tax officials. They also must deal with clients who may change their minds day to day. Businesses may also face unpredictable markets, which affect supply and demand. It is also common for businesses to have disputes behind the scenes, between partners or between employees and management.

Examples of business disputes include:

Unfair competition
Breach of contract
Collections disputes
Employment disputes
Partnership disputes
Insurance claims

Resolving Disputes

The first step you may want to take in resolving a dispute is contacting your business attorney. You may want to handle the dispute on your own, but sometimes, this only delays the resolution. The dispute may escalate and result in greater harm, leaving you no choice but to contact an attorney to resolve it. Contacting an experienced business dispute attorney early on can resolve the issue in a timely manner, often at a lower cost to you.

Most business disputes can be resolved without having to resort to putting the matter before a judge or jury. Settling the dispute can be best for all parties involved, instead of putting the matter in the hands of someone else who doesn’t understand how your business operates, and what would be best for you. With an acceptable settlement offer, the parties involved can draft the exact terms and conditions of the deal, without limiting themselves to the court’s limited settlement methods.

In many cases, even though there is a legitimate dispute involved, the parties would ideally like to come to an acceptable resolution so they can continue their business relationship or partnership. Using the experience and advice of an attorney can help settle a matter, while maintaining future connections to help the business succeed.

When settlement is not possible, you may have no other option but to take the other parties to court. Whether this involves monetary damages, dismissing a complaint or forcing the other party to do something, talk to your attorney to put an end to the dispute. An experienced business attorney will fight to protect your interests, your investments and your business.

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