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Get help with inadmissibility waivers for immigration to the U.S.

The Immigration and Nationality Act enumerates a variety of reasons that someone may be found "inadmissible" to the United States. However, an initial determination of inadmissibility is not always the end of the road when you're seeking entrance to the U.S.

Children, including baby, injured in intersection accident

Arizona intersections can be very busy, with cars crossing from every direction, and that can make them very dangerous. Correspondingly, drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles need to be especially careful about their own actions and about being aware of the actions of others, when they are at intersections. If they fail to pay attention to what is happening for even a moment, tragedy can occur, including instances of personal injuries.

Medical Marijuana: Wrongful Termination For Resulting Positive To Drug Test

In a recent case, Whitmire v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (D. Ariz., 2019), the District Court of Arizona held that an employee who obtained a medical marijuana card has a viable claim for wrongful termination when the employer has terminated the employment for resulting positive to a drug screen test, without proving through expert testimony that the percentage of marijuana detected impaired the employee's ability to work.

The American father is changing

Does it bother you when you hear other fathers say that they’re babysitting their kid rather than parenting? If statements like these do irritate you, you’re not alone. New research from Pew Research shows that American dads are more invested in the lives of their child than ever.

Bicycle crash facts that may surprise you

Bicyclists are a rising demographic as commuting to work is becoming more popular. However, anyone choosing to share the road, must be aware of the hazards. Bicycle accidents have certain trends that drivers and cyclists alike need to be aware of.

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