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Bicycle crash facts that may surprise you

Bicyclists are a rising demographic as commuting to work is becoming more popular. However, anyone choosing to share the road, must be aware of the hazards. Bicycle accidents have certain trends that drivers and cyclists alike need to be aware of. Bicyclists are...

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No limits for compensation for Arizona accident victims

Arizona streets can get very busy, and for that reason all motorists who drive on them need to keep safety at the front of their minds at all times. Filing to do so can result in motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. When injuries occur, the people injured...

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When do you need to create a last will or estate plan?

There is no official guidebook to help you navigate the requirements of being a successful and productive adult. Many people will struggle to manage some of the more complex requirements of adulthood, potentially because they never received any formal education about...

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Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession What happens when someone takes possession of property that is owned by someone else? It happens often and on various levels, from a fence notched slightly over the property line to full blown property occupations. When someone takes possession of a...

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Many things can impact your blood alcohol content

Most everyone knows that it's illegal for adults to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher. If you're trying to guess at what point you need to stop drinking if you're going to be driving home -- or anywhere else -- you're taking a big risk. A...

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Expect these questions from your children during divorce

The divorce process is a whirlwind of emotions for you and your children. You're looking forward to the future, but you can't get ahead of yourself. Doing so will cause you to overlook important details, such as appropriately preparing your children for their new...

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How can toxic substance exposure harm your health?

Individuals don't have to work in the industrial sector to come into contact with hazardous chemicals. From exposure to motor vehicle exhausts to manufacturing or household waste; these are just some of the many different methods by which individuals may become...

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Use a property division checklist to prepare for divorce

Once you're 100 percent sure that you're divorcing your spouse, it's time to turn your attention to your legal rights in Arizona and the steps you can take to protect them. While this means many things, matters of property division typically move to the forefront....

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