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Bicyclists are a rising demographic as commuting to work is becoming more popular. However, anyone choosing to share the road, must be aware of the hazards. Bicycle accidents have certain trends that drivers and cyclists alike need to be aware of.

Bicyclists are vulnerable to severe injury when any vehicle is involved. The combination of speed and vehicles maneuvering changing landscapes, leads to many bicycle accidents each year. What are the common themes when analyzing bicycle accidents?

Here’s the main facts everyone should know about bicycle accidents and deaths in 2017:

  • Bicycle accidents are the highest between the hours of 6pm and 9pm all year round.
  • 75 percent of bicycle deaths happen in city environments rather than rural communities.
  • Men are statistically 8 times more likely to die while bicycling than women.
  • Alcohol was determined as a main factor of deadly bike crashes.

Bicyclists are most vulnerable when there is low visibility and a risk of falling off the bike. Sometimes bicyclists accidently fall of the bike when they lose traction due to rainy weather conditions. Falls may also result when bicycles hit a curb wrong or run into something unexpected.

The worst type of accident is when a bicyclist encounters a moving vehicle. Multiple degrees of injuries are likely to occur when bicyclists collide with cars, trucks or SUVs. Unfortunately, accidents may leave loved ones temporarily or permanently incapacitated. Quality legal oversight is necessary when disputing fault in a bicycle collision.