If you have vulnerable loved ones, it's important to have plans in place for their care.

At West, Longenbaugh and Zickerman P.L.L.C., our lawyers can help you make sound decisions regarding guardians and/or conservators. Our attorneys will examine the facts of your situation and provide solutions that fit your loved one's needs.

What Is A Guardian? What Is A Conservator?

Guardians provide physical care for people who are unable to take care of themselves due to age, inability or disability. The guardian must provide shelter, education, and medical care for their ward (the person being cared for).

The purpose of a conservator is to preserve the finances and make financial decisions of a person who is incapable of managing his or her assets. A conservator is responsible for the ward's finances.

Why Should I Appoint A Guardian Or Conservator?

If a guardianship or conservatorship is not in place, your loved one's future could be in the hands of the court system.

If a legal guardian or conservator is not designated, the state will appoint someone. When that happens, the choices and the outcomes might not align with your wishes.

How To Reach Us

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